Gettings source code

The source code of the first stable version will be available on pypi.

For now you can download development version from:

Installing development version can be done using pip:

$ pip install -e git+

Enabling django application

Second step is to enable this django application by adding it to INSTALLED_APPS in your

INSTALLED_APPS += ('getpaid', )

and add getpaid to your project’s

url(r'^getpaid/', include('getpaid.urls', namespace='getpaid', app_name='getpaid')),


It is advised that you pass namespace and app_name as kwargs to include.

Enabling getpaid backends

Create any iterable (tuple or list) named GETPAID_BACKENDS and provide full path for backends that you want to enable in your project. E.g.:

GETPAID_BACKENDS = ('getpaid.backends.dummy',
                    'getpaid.backends.payu', )

After that put also in your a dictionary GETPAID_BACKENDS_SETTINGS. This will keep all configurations specific to a single backend. Keys of this dictionary should be a full path of getpaid backends. Please refer to Payment backends section for names of available backends.

Each key should provide another dictonary object with some set of key->value pairs that are actual configuration settings for given backend:

    # Please provide your settings for backends
    'getpaid.backends.payu' : {



Some tests are provided in getpaid_test_project/ as a django test suite. You can run them with:

$ ./ test orders --settings=getpaid_test_project.settings_test